Focus Computer Education

Job Oriented Courses  
  Basic Computers 1 Mth
  • Web Designing, HTML,    
  • Intetnet Email, Printing,   
  • Basic Hardware System configuration, disk cleanup   
  • Install/ Uninstall

  DCA {Diploma in Computers Application} 2 Mths
  • Web Designing, HTML,    
  • Intetnet Email, Printing,   
  • Basic Hardware System configuration, disk cleanup   
  • Install/ Uninstall     
  • Corel Draw & Graphic Designing  
  Diploma in Graphic Designing & Multimedia  6 Mths
  • Corel Draw, Page Maker   
  • Photoshop, Flash Animation,   
  • AutoCad 2d / 3d   
  • 3ds Studio Max   
  • Modeling, Texturing, Animation etc.
   Advanced Mircosoft Office 2007 1 Mth
  • Word 2007, Excel 2 007
  • Powerpoint 2007
  • Access 2007
  • Outlook 2007
   Diploma in Basic A + {Hardware} 1 Mth
  • Computer Architecture
  • PC Assembling and Disassembling
  • PC Maintenance & Basic Trouble Shooting
  • PC Operating System
   Diploma in Graphic Designing 3 Mths
  • Corel Draw, Page Maker
  • Photoshop, Flash Animation

   Diploma in CCNA 2 Mths
  • Network and Internet Connection,    
  • Network Communication, LAN/WAN Operating and Features, Router and Swtich Configuration,    
  • Swtiching Technologies, Router Configuration,     
  • Trouble Shoot VLAN Routing IP Addressing and Hosting  protocols,    
  • Wireless Network, Basic WAN Serial Connection    
  • Operation of DHCP and DNS, Appliances and Application
  Diploma in Basic Networking 1Mth
  • Computer Architecture
  • PC Maintenance & Basic Trouble Shooting
  • Basics of Networking
  • PC Communication
   Diploma in CCNP 3 Mths
  • Functions and Operating of EIGRP & Routing,     
  • Operations of Multirea OSPF & Routing    
  • Benefits of IS-IS Protocol and its Configuration, Route Redistribution    
  • between IP Routing IGPs,  Configure DHCP Service, Operations of BGP,    
  • IP Multicast, Configure IP Multicast Routing, IPv6 Interoperation with IPv4,    
  • Configure of OSPF Routing with ipv6 Addressing
  Diploma in Advanced N+ {Networking } 2 Mths
  • Basics of Networking
  • Network Architecture and technology
  • Network Operating System
  • Network support and Implementation
  • Wireless Technology



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