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Focus Group of Institutions was established in 2001. Ever Since its inception Focus has been facilitating students to acquire knowledge in various fields, expertise their skills and build their career. The goal of the institution is to instil knowledge and skills that the students can use in any aspect of life. Focus has been successful in creating Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Medical Field Careers, IT field etc., who are doing remarkably well in their chosen fields.

The learning strategies will enhance your skills; we are the innovative key to creative success. Learning and Knowledge builds destiny. We show you the way to your destiny touch the epitome of success and acquire and conquer the treasure of knowledge. 

We have been providing Education to International/ National students since 2001. Today it is one of the
Bangalore’s best recognized Training Center and Approved by The Government of Karnataka and maintains a reputation as one of the Country’s Premier Educational Institute based on the quality of its teaching, curriculum, support services and facilities. We  also provide a full range of general and specialist Educational programs for students who want to develop their skills for personal or career goals. We provide students with supportive and cordial learning environment and personal attention and they get care from its dedicated teachers and support staff.

The learning strategy will enhance your communication skills to personality development which also includes presentations skills, advertising, marketing, information technology and all aspects of business communication, the higher learning is focused on helping students acquire industry-current knowledge and skills as they pursue to build and advance their careers in many of today's most in-demand fields.




Our Location

Focus Group of Institutions

Focus English Institute
No. 35, 2nd cross, 3rd 'G' Main,
Srinivasa Reddy Lane,
St. Thomas Town,
Bangalore - 560084. India 

Tel: 080-41574856
Mob : +91 9845010147


Success Stories

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"Focus Educational Institute Certification opens the door to employment. It gives us a way to prove that our students know the skills that the job requires. It takes the risk factor away from the employer."