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Focus Group of Institutions was established in 2001.  Ever since its inception Focus has been facilitating students to acquire knowledge in various fields and expertise their skills so they can pursue and build their career. Our main goal is to instill knowledge and skills that the students can use in many aspects of life. Focus has been successful in creating entrepreneurs, engineers, medical field careers, IT etc who are doing remarkably well in their chosen fields.Focus is an innovative key to create success as we believe “education has no age bar” as every person has potential within. Experience, learn, practice and forge towards the epitome of success and acquire the treasure of knowledge.

18 Years of experience


Registered by Gov. of India and Karnataka


Registered Institute for TOEFL/ICDL/IELTS

  International students:

How To travel to India and join our institute!

  1. From contact us send us an e-mail or via Whatsapp requesting a course enrolment to get an admission.
  2. Our consultant team will guide you through the courses to help to choose the course.
  3. We will send you an admission letter via e-mail (in some cases the original copy of the admission letter is required, we will post the admission letter to your residence )  
  4. You will apply in the Indian embassy in your country or the country you reside, along with all your documents required by the embassy in order to get the Visa.
  5. As you get the visa and travel to Bangalore, the institute will offer you all the social services you need (receive you at the airport, accommodation, visa registration…etc  ) via international services center with no services charge cost!

Our Institute is accepted in the Indian embassy of the following countries:
United Arab Emirates – Oman – Bahrain – Qatar – Saudi Arabia –  Kuwait – Yemen – Syria – Sudan – Egypt – Morocco – Iran – Iraq – Algeria – Somalia – Tanzania – Tunisia – Jordan – Libya – Palestine – Lebanon – Mauritania – Thai – South Korea – Japan – Spanish – Colombia – Indonesia



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